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NYC Yarn Crawl - 2023 Edition

Zachary Chin | 21 September, 2023

            NYC Yarn Crawl - 2023 Edition

Greetings fiber friends!

The NYC Yarn Crawl is here (Thursday, September 28th - Sunday, October 1st) and we're ready to help make sure you get to all the shops and fill up your bags. There are 9 shops participating in the crawl this year. If you want to hit them all (and you do want to hit them all), you're going to need a plan. Fortunately, you also have a few days to make this work and we've got your back.

What is the NYC Yarn Crawl?

It's like a bar crawl, only for the yarn obsessed! There is no charge to crawl, and we're open to everyone. You just visit each shop, enter drawings, take advantage of tons of special deals, and have fun. Knitty City will have 10% off all purchases in store and online PLUS an additional 30% off select clearance yarn and books.

We will have a limited quantity of NYC Yarn Crawl 2023 Totes available for sale. If you buy one from Knitty City or bring in your NYC Yarn Crawl tote from another shop, we'll give you a free Knitty City Enamel Pin (normally $10). 

Planning for The NYC Yarn Crawl
Things you need to think about in advance

What days can you crawl?

The NYC Yarn Crawl runs from Thursday, September 28th through Sunday, October 1st. You're going to have a rough time if you try getting everything done in just one day. If you can, plan to spend three or even all four days crawling. You also need to check the hours of each store. All the store info is conveniently located on the NYC Yarn Crawl website.

Knitty City will be open every day 12-6pm during the crawl.

How should you spend your time?

Go at your (or your group's) own speed. Don't try to rush through the shops. Make sure you allot yourself enough time to see what every shop has to offer. There will be a lot to see at each shop and you'll have a better time if you go through them at a reasonable pace.

And of course remember to check-in at each shop to enter the free giveaways. Each store will have an electronic sign-in. You'll want to sign-in to all of them, even if you've signed in at other stores or in previous years. Also be on the lookout for the scavenger hunt item with a secret word in each store. Write it down or take a picture with a note reminding you which store you saw it in. This is this year's scavenger hunt. Every store has a different word.

Keep in mind the travel time between shops. If you're going to spend 30 minutes to an hour going to a shop, don't you want to spend at least that much time in the shop too?

How do you win prizes?

There are two different ways to win fabulous prizes from our sponsors. First, each store will be holding a raffle drawing with 2 random winners from EACH store. To enter the raffle, you just need to check-in at EACH store you visit. Each store you check-in to is another chance to win. There's no purchase necessary to check-in, just speak with an employee. You will need to submit a valid e-mail address to be contacted if you win a prize.

The second way to win a prize basket is by participating in the scavenger hunt. To enter the scavenger hunt, you will need to visit ALL 9 stores and look for a knitted squash or gourd with a secret keyword. When you find the word, write it down somewhere safe and don't forget to record which store you found it in. Entries are submitted by emailing store names and their matching word to yarncrawlnyc@gmail.com by Friday, October 6, no later than 5pm EDT. Crawlers must write “SCAVENGER HUNT” in the subject line of the email.

For additional details see the NYC Yarn Crawl's Prizes and Exclusive page

Which shops do you NEED to see on certain days?

Every shop has their own promotions and miniature events going on, including some limited offerings. You'll need to check each store's website and social media feeds to see what's happening. Follow them all on social media and subscribe to their newsletters to get the latest updates.

Keep in mind that it might not be enough to see each shop only once. You might have to make two or three trips to the same shop to get your fill.

At Knitty City, we'll have a different guest pop-up shop each day of the crawl. A portion of pop-up shop sales will benefit the Hawaii Community Foundation's Maui Strong Fund

Five Boroughs Yarn

Pop-up with Five Boroughs Yarn
Thursday, September 28th, 12-6pm

Lindsay's ultra vibrant hand-dyed yarn draws inspiration from all forms of liveliness and positive vibes across the five boroughs of New York City. 

 Ztudio Zsazsa

Pop-up with Ztudio Zsazsa
Friday, September 29th, 12-6pm

Formerly known as Ardsley Face Masks, Leah's fabric bags are must haves for all knitters and crocheters. She also designs aprons, blouses, and of course face masks.

 Jonathan Castro Designs

Pop-up with Jonathan Castro Designs
Saturday, September 30th, 12-6pm

Jonathan's functional work is inspired by traditional Japanese pottery but with a modern style. His sculptural work is inspired by underwater plants and animals.

Yarn Over New York

Pop-up with Yarn Over New York
Sunday, October 1st, 12-6pm

Jessie's handdyed yarns are made from finely extracted happiness. Yarn Over New York will undoubtedly brighten up your day.

What do you need to crawl?
Don't leave home without these essentials

You don't need any tickets or passes (besides subway fare) to participate in the crawl. A properly equipped travel pack will do you wonders though.

Phone, wallet, keys. Never leave home without them.

Comfortable shoes. You'll be on your feet for most of the day. We don't want you to be literally crawling at the end of it. 

A bag or two. Something to carry your essentials. You don't necessarily have to bring a bag to carry your purchases. If there's anything yarn shops love (besides yarn) it's bags. We have the official NYC Yarn Crawl Tote for $20 and we'll throw in a Knitty City Enamel Pin for free. You can pick up one of Knitty City's Boat Tote bags (modeled by Brooklyn Boy Knits's Louis Boria above) for $36 ($40 and 10% off during the crawl). 

Knit/crochetwear. You can't really expect us to believe you're going to yarn crawl and NOT wear your latest project. Now's the time to show off what you've been working on!

Face masks and hand sanitizer. Masking is optional at Knitty City, but every store will have its own policies. We ask that you do what makes you feel comfortable and respect your neighbor's choices. CoVid's still going around and shops will be crowded during the crawl. Make sure you're equipped to protect yourself and your fellow crawlers. If you don't have a mask on hand or it becomes damaged, just ask and we'll get you a new one. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Water and snacks. You can burn a surprising number of calories walking around all day. You can probably skip gym day, but you can't skip eating and staying hydrated.

Plan your meals
That means lunch AND dinner

This burger and fries by Bottletop Boy (pattern on ravelry.com) look amazing, but you probably don't want to eat them. Yarn can't be your only sustenance when you crawl. By Knitty City, you have lots of great options, so the UWS is perfect for your first or last stop of the day.

Joe's Steam Rice Rolls. A Knitty City favorite. If you don't know what a rice roll is, go find out. Almost every staff member puts it into their weekly rotation.

Tacombi. Our taco shop of choice. Watermelon juice is a great way to rehydrate. 

Peace Food. Delicious and refreshing vegan food to keep you going.

Zabar's. You simply can't talk about eating on the UWS without mentioning Zabar's.

Irving Farm. Our local coffee and bakery stop for that quick pick-me-up.

Blondies Sports. One of our neighboring restaurants. Sometimes you just need a burger and beer.

Levain Bakery. Not really a meal per se, but these are hands down the best cookies you'll ever have.

We're not getting any kickbacks from these places. We just love them and want them to continue thriving in our neighborhood.

That should just about cover all your needs. If you need anything else, you know where to find us.

Cheers and happy crawling!
-Zac and the Knitty City Team