208 West 79th Street, New York, NY 10024


Opened in January of 2006, Knitty City is the realized dream of Pearl Chin, who designed it as a “Yarn Studio." 

It is devoted to beautiful materials for knitting and crochet, instructional classes and community connection.

Knitty City’s selection of yarns reflects some of the best brands in the business. New and interesting yarns, and the products that complement them, are always popping up at Knitty City. In addition, the store has one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date collections of knitting, crochet and needle art books, magazines and patterns in New York.

Knitty City is committed to the people behind the yarn and designs, with a shared passion for the artistry that goes into their products. Book signings and events that allow friends and customers to meet authors and designers are regularly scheduled, and new and emerging young talent is highlighted with a monthly “Young Designer” series.

You will learn a lot at Knitty City and we can promise you that along the way, you will have a great time and meet some wonderful people.

Our Core Values

because we’re all people.

because kindness is the foundation of respect.

because someone else shared that knowledge with you.

because no one should have to knit alone.

because imagination is freedom.

just because!

Pearl too!

Much of my life has revolved around working with my hands and enjoying the benefits of a community. Before opening Knitty City, I had a wholesale business called A Thousand Cranes. I had the pleasure of working with beautiful Japanese washi paper, folding origami, and using kimono textiles to create scarves and quilts. In 2001, when I hooked into the knitting world via the Internet, I was amazed at its existence and the size of it.

During my childhood, my parents owned a grocery store, Bob’s Supermarket. It was a beloved store and we knew everyone. “Bob’s” was the neighborhood hub. So, when I envisioned Knitty City, I knew what I wanted: A physical place where the whole knitting community could come together to celebrate working with their hands, explore beautiful materials and colors, and learn from one another. Besides being a hangout for knitters, I wanted it to be a place where friends, family, and neighbors could come and feel comfortable.

Our store is not only about the yarns. It’s about living a joyful life and sharing our stories. My daughter came up with the name Knitty City. Perfect!

- Pearl (1949-2020)