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Amano Inti

Inti means sun in Quechua, and refers to a powerful God that the Incas believed was at the source of all life. Inti-Dye is a yarn made from soft and fresh pima cotton. Hand painted in tones inspired by the sun-kissed landscapes of the coasts.

Inti-Dye mimics the effect of the summer sun and the feeling of warmth. Bringing the Andean summer in every color combination.

309 yards/100 grams

US 6/21 sts and 27 rows

Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

3100 Summer of Love
3101 Violets
3102 Beach House
3103 Sand Dune
3104 Pinacolada
3105 Night Fiesta
3106 Pacific Sunset
3107 Orchid of Oasis
3108 Tropical Storm
3109 Driftwood
3111 Sunblock
3112 Bikini
3113 Flip Flops
3114 Popsicles
3115 Open Bar
3116 Sunborn
3117 Vanilla Ice Cream
3118 Strawberry Limone
3119 Beach Day
3120 Summer Flower
3121 Raspberry Sorbet
3122 Sunset Beach
3123 Holiday
3124 Sunny Day

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