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Baa Ram Ewe Winterburn Aran

Baa Ram Ewe's Winterburn Aran throws the spotlight on another one of our wonderful Yorkshire sheep breeds, the Masham. The Masham has smaller ringlets of fleece than the Wensleydale but with added bounce and loft that it gets from its hill-loving male ancestry, the Dalesbred. In fact, female ‘gimmer’ - or lambs - were considered so pretty that farmers would tie ribbons in their fleece before taking them to market and Sheep Fairs which continues to this day in the North Yorkshire town of Masham, from which this sheep breed gets its name. 

  • Yardage 170 m / 185 yds per 100g hank
  • Suggested Needle Size 4.5 - 5mm (US 7-8)
  • Fibre Content 50% Bluefaced Leicester Wool / 25% ecru Masham / 25% dark brown Masham
  • Care Hand Wash Only
  • Made In Yorkshire, England
02 Yorkstone
07 Aire
08 Coal
09 Wesley Bob
13 Goathland
15 Endeavor
16 Lotherton
18 Viking
21 Brass Band
25 Muck

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