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Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece

Cotton and wool are two natural fibers with their own amazing properties—when the two are combined, the result is a wonderfully unique blend with all the advantages of each fiber.  Cotton Fleece is spun with 80% pima cotton and 20% merino wool.  It derives its strength and coolness from cotton, along with memory, bounce, and a touch of warmth from the wool.  Cotton Fleece is cool enough to wear in any season, making it our most popular yarn for crocheters and knitters who live in warm climates.  Cotton Fleece is easy to care for, making it a great choice for children’s and babies’ knits.

  • DK weight
  • 215 yards (197 meters)
  • 100 grams
  • Hand wash; lay flat to dry.
  • Recommended Gauge: 5 stitches per inch
  • Knitting Needle Size No. 6
  • Crochet hook size G
CW005 Cavern
CW100 Cotton Ball
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CW220 Provincial Rose
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CW373 Dove Grey
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CW440 Spanish Olive
CW442 Marbled Mint
CW452 Jubilant Jade
CW560 My Blue Heaven
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CW620 Banana
CW725 Butter Cream
CW730 Raging Purple
CW755 Sugar Plum
CW760 Emperor's Robe
CW767 Hawaiian Sky
CW782 Purple Basil
CW795 Whispering Periwinkle
CW810 Cherry Moon
CW825 Truffle (discontinued)
CW840 Lime Light
CW844 Celery Leaves
CW935 Salmon Berry

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