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Circulo Amigurumi Glow

Amigurumi Glow is the latest creation in the Amigurumi line with the same excellent quality to your crocheted and knitted designs with one difference: it glows in the dark! So, get ready to make even more beautiful and surprising pieces!

You can make entire pieces and details as well. Great yardage and has a glow effect that lasts even after being washed. Expose entire piece to natural or artificial light for 1 hour for yarn to glow again. Glow lasts up to 15 minutes.

Amigurumi Glow is not harmful to your health. In the manufacturing process, the special light application prevents the light to contact with the consumers skin consequently, Amigurumi Glow is totally safe for everyone.

  • 100% polyester
  • Glow​ lasts up to 15 minutes.
  • Fingering weight
  • 115 yards / 105 meters
  • 1.75 oz / 50 grams
  • 0 to G-6 (2-4mm)
  • US2-7 (2.75-4.5mm)

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