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Katrinkles Faux Suede Hand Made Heart Tags

You put a lot of love into the things you knit, so why not show it with these adorable tags that express the pride and care that come with handmade items. Made of washable faux suede that is soft and resilient, each tag bears a special inscription and can be easily attached to a variety of projects to share, or wear, your knitting love.

You will receive a Card of 4 different tags in Beige: 

  • 1 x hand made (Text only)
  • 1 x hand made w/ heart
  • 1 x knit heart
  • 1 x Thanks, I made it!
  1. Material: Faux Suede - 100% Vegan

  2. Approximate Size: 1.5" x 1.15"

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