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Mochimochi Land Tiny Kits

Tiny kits from Mochimochi Land are the absolute cutest! Each kit comes complete with instructions, yarn, and stuffing. You'll need your own US1 Double Pointed Needles

  • Most finished kits are about 1 inch big.
  • Kits make 1-3 minis. Check kit pictures to know how many you can make.
Snitten (color may vary)
Cat in a Bag
Cat in a Box
Cat in a Life Preserver
Doggie Slider
Hot Doggie
Ice Cream Doggie
Lil Flushie
Tiny Alpaca
Tiny Bee
Tiny Burger
Tiny Cat
Tiny Clown
Tiny Dog
Tiny Duck
Tiny Fox
Tiny Frog
Tiny Gnaked Gnome
Tiny Gnome
Tiny Granny
Tiny Hedgehog
Tiny Narwhal
Tiny Ninja
Tiny Owl
Tiny Panda
Tiny Penguin
Tiny Pirate
Tiny Robot
Tiny Santa
Tiny Sheep
Tiny Snowman
Tiny Sugarplum Fairy
Tiny Sumo Wrestler
Tiny Sushi
Tiny Tiger
Tiny Tubby
Tiny Turtle
Tiny Unicorn
Tiny Viking
Tiny Walrus
Tiny Zombie
Year of the Rabbit
Here Be Dragons

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