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My Pretty Brown Doll

Crochet patterns for a doll that looks like you by Yolanda Jordan. 

The first pattern book for making unique, customizable African American crochet dolls. 

From American Girl Dolls to Barbie, there's something special about having your own doll, and even more so, having a doll that looks like you. And it’s not just about clothing; having a doll that has eyes, skin tone, and even a hairstyle to match your own is a thrill. For African American girls, this isn't the norm nor is it easy to find. Created by Yolanda Jordan, My Pretty Brown Doll offers patterns and crochet techniques to create this charming crochet doll, with skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, and outfits that are customizable to match the young person this gift is for. Jordan’s unique aesthetic will appeal to a wide variety of crocheters, and there are endless possibilities to make this doll unique.

The book covers a basic wardrobe, including pants, shirts, shoes, coats, a hat, and a scarf. But then Jordan dives into specific adventures like going to school and playing soccer, dancing ballet and traveling to Paris. There's even a mermaid and a scientist outfit, complete with lab coat. Offering African American girls the chance to have their own doll, who looks like them and can be outfitted exactly the way they want, is a gift unlike any other. It's a wonderful opportunity to deliver something special to an underserved market.

Yolanda Jordan is a crochet expert and the owner and creator of My Pretty Brown Doll, where she sells custom dolls and crochet doll patterns as well as teaches others through online and live workshops. She lives in North Carolina, with her family.

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