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We Will Always Remember You

Zachary Chin | 28 October, 2020

            We Will Always Remember You


On October 27th, 2020, Pearl Chin, beloved owner and founder of Knitty City, passed away from lung cancer. Knitty City will be open and continue operations. Pearl created Knitty City as a place where people could safely gather, share stories, be creative, and provide inspiration and comfort for one another. This spirit is not extinguished during times of struggle, but actually becomes stronger and regenerative. With this strength, Knitty City will continue.

While Pearl was being treated in the ICU, her hospital room was decorated to the 9s with pictures, cards, signs, flags, lights, and art from her community, friends, and loved ones. We received hundreds of notes with prayers, words of encouragement, and stories about Pearl (in retrospect, that was nothing compared to what we’ve seen today through social media). She had pages upon pages of names - just names of people who were fighting alongside her. When the nursing staff walked into her room, they knew who she was. And she never even had to say a word (which was good, because she was intubated). To preserve her memory, we are creating a collection of your beautiful stories and memories of Pearl by using the hashtag #knittycitypearl. Many people have been wondering what they could do for Knitty City and Pearl’s family - this is it. Share your story or fond memory about Pearl and use that hashtag. Post a picture if you have one. If you’ve already written a post, just comment on it with the hashtag. If you come across a post that hasn’t been tagged yet, tag it with #knittycitypearl.